Richmond Home
Professor of Art, Emeritus
Asian Arts
Visiting Assistant Professor of Film Studies
Professor and Coordinator of German Studies
German Cultural Studies
German Film
Holocaust Representation
Turkish German Comedy
Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies, Coordinator of Chinese Studies Program
Associate Professor of English
Post World War II American novels and films
Contemporary American literature and culture
Hollywood Film
Associate Professor of Latin American and Film Studies
Twentieth/Twenty-First Centuries Latin American Literature and Film
Humanities Research with Digital Technology
Documentary film
Community film
Postcolonial/Decolonial theories
Professor of Journalism
Chair, Department of Journalism
Documentary film
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator, Film Studies Program
Professor of French and Film Studies, Co-Director, Annual UR/VCU French Film Festival
20th-century French literature
French cinema
Professor of English
Contemporary American Literature
American Indian Literature and Film
Asian American Literature
Administrative Coordinator