Course Groupings

Group A Courses

Courses in international, ethnic, and indigenous film cultures

FMST 265 German Cinema

FMST/LLC 283 Cinema Around the World

FMST 367 Culture in the Making: Conception and Actualization of a Film Festival

FREN 465 French Film

ENGL 367 Indigenous Film in North America

LLC 227 Action Genre in East Asian Cinema

LLC 355 Chinese Cinema

Group B Courses

Courses organized by period, theme, or critical category

FMST 374 Film Theory

CLCS 329 The Ancient World in Cinema

ENGL 361 Literature and Film

ENGL 368 History and Aesthetics of Film

ENGL 369 American Culture/American Film

ENGL 379 Film Directors

ENGL 380 Film Genres

MUS 221 Music in Film

Group C Courses

Courses in production

FMST 302 Intermediate Film Production

FMST 303 Film Editing: Theory and Practice 

JOUR 307 Documentary Journalism I

THTR 305 Sound Design

THTR 307 Stage Lighting Design

THTR 308 Basics of Directing

THTR 325 Script Analysis

VMAP 117 Introduction to Film, Sound, and Video

VMAP 260 Thematic Explorations in Film and Video

VMAP 261: Independent Film & Video: Curatorial Practice & Presentation

VMAP 310 Time-Based Media Studio