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Fall 2024

For guidance about the following courses, please connect with Monika Siebert, Film Program Coordinator, or other FMST faculty.

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  • FMST 201 Introduction to Film Studies

    TTh, 9:30- 11:45 or Noon—1:15, Lab for both sections: M 5:30-8 pm

    We will examine feature filmmaking as simultaneously an art form and a culture industry, considering 1) the formal components that make up feature films (such as the narration, mise en scène, composition, editing, etc.) and 2) the industrial practices that shape its production and exhibition.  In fall 2024, we will consider the Western genre and the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock to explore how filmmakers have used feature films to comment on dominant social questions such as the challenge of racial and ethnic differences, the relations between genders, and the complexity of violence.

  • FMST 202 Introduction to Film Production

    TTh 1:30-3:30 or 4:30-6:30

    Gain experience with art and techniques of film production, including the fundamental principles of shot composition, lighting, sound, editing, along with development of critical and aesthetic sensibilities. A hands-on approach in our well-equipped lab will provide pragmatic understanding of this art form.

  • FMST 400 Film Noir & Neo Noir

    W 3-5:40

    Scholars and critics have long understood the importance of Film Noir to Hollywood’s studio system after World War II. But there is little consensus on what crime film genre film noir is: a fully realized cinematic genre, an aesthetic style, or some combination of the two? Film Noir and Neo Noir examines films from the original film noir cycle to explore the concepts and aesthetics of this challenging set of films, and then considers the new generation of filmmakers who took up Noir ideas and aesthetics after the 1970s to explore the lived experience of characters and communities that went unconsidered during the classic Film Noir era. Among the directors to be studied are John Huston, Billy Wilder, Martin Scorsese, Gordon Parks, Spike Lee, David Fincher, and Jane Campion.

  • FMST Electives


    ENGL 367 North America Indigenous Film
    MUS 221 Music in Film
    CLCS 329 The Ancient World in Cinema
    VMAP 117 Intro to Film-Sound-Video
    VMAP 279 Documentary Art Media
    THTR 307  Stage Lightning Design
    THTR 312 Women in Black: Collaboration & Production